• Online Submission

    1 April - 7 July 2023
  • Judging Period

    August 2023
  • Results Notification to All Entrants

    September 2023
  • Public Announcement of the Results

    November 2023 or before
Submission Procedure:

Step 1: Create a company account

  • Read the Terms & Conditions
  • Register for a company account to log in to the system

* The entrants of 2019 – 2022 can log in to their previous accounts for the online submission of 2023

Step 2: Entry Submission

  • Add entry (s)
  • Provide entry information, images & video

Step three: Payment

  • Select entry (s)
  • Choose payment method and process the payment

Step four: Deliver the Actual Product(s) / Supporting Material(s) by the Deadline*

  • Fix the entry label(s) on the actual product(s) / supporting material(s), and deliver them to the DFA Design for Asia Awards Secretariat – Entry Collection Centre on or before 7 July 2023 (HKT 17:00) (except Digital & Motion / Spatial design)
    *Entrants shall be responsible for all the costs related and/or occurred (e.g. packaging costs, transportation costs, courier charges, insurance costs, governmental / jurisdictional approvals and licenses, tax) for transporting the actual products and supporting materials to the possession of HKDC and the return of the materials upon the entrant's request.