Awards & Categories
There are FIVE awards:
  • Grand Award
  • Gold Award
  • Silver Award
  • Bronze Award
  • Merit Award
Design Disciplines & Categories



  • Identity & Branding
    Corporate design & identities, brand designs & identities, wayfinding & signage systems, etc
  • Packaging
  • Publication
  • Poster
  • Typography
  • Marketing Campaign
    Comprehensive publicity planning of all related activities including copywriting, videos, advertising, etc.



  • Website
  • Apps
    Applications for PC, Mobile, etc.
  • User Interface (UI)
    Design of the interface on actual products or digital systems or services interface (website and applications) for users’ interaction and operation
  • Game
    Games for PC, Console, Mobile Apps, etc.
  • Video
    Explainer videos, branding videos, title sequence / promos, infographics animations, interactive videos (VR & AR), big screen or digital videoprojections, TVCs, etc.



  • Fashion Apparel
  • Functional Apparel
    Sportswear, safety clothing & personal protective equipment, clothing for special needs (for elderly, disabled, infant), uniform & occasion apparel, etc.
  • Intimate Wear
    Underwear, sleepwear, lightweight robe, etc.
  • Jewellery & Fashion Accessory
    Diamond earrings, pearl necklacea, sterling silver bracelets, watches & clocks, bags, eyewear, hats, scarfs, etc.
  • Footwear



  • Household Appliance
    Appliances for living room / bedroom, Kitchen / dining room, Bathrooms / spas, electronic products, etc.
  • Homeware
    Tableware & decorations, lighting, furniture, home textiles, etc.
  • Mobility, Professional & Commercial Product
    Vehicles (land, water, aerospace), special tools or devices for medicine / health care / constructions / agriculture, devices or furniture for business use etc.
  • Information & Communications Technology Product
    Computers and information technology, computer accessories, communication devices, camera & camcorders, audio & visual products, smart devices, etc.
  • Leisure & Entertainment Product
    Entertainment technology devices, gifts & crafts, outdoor, leisure & sports, stationery, games & hobby products, etc.



  • Residential Space
  • Hospitality & Leisure Space
    Recreational spaces (hotels, guesthouses, spas and wellness areas, restaurants, cafés, bistros, bars, lounges, casinos, staff canteens, etc.)
  • Culture & Public Space
    Infrastructural projects, regional planning or urban design, revitalization or restoration projects, landscape, etc.
  • Commercial & Showroom Space
    Show flats, sales centres, cinema, retail store, showroom etc.
  • Workspace
    Office, industrial (industrial properties, warehouses, garages, distribution centres, etc.), etc.
  • Institutional Space
    Hospitals, healthcare centre; educational, religious or funeral related venues etc.
  • Event, Exhibition & Stage


  • Service
    Services or system design projects which provide holistic and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the direct users and other stakeholders (e.g. service providers), enhance the quality, efficiency and effectiveness in operation, or improve the experience and communication of the internal / external stakeholders of public / private organisations
    (e.g. public healthcare & its measures, digital out-patient service, education systems, human resources / organisational transformation, customer loyalty programme)

    Projects designed to resolve the social issue(s), or aim at the benefit of humanitarian, community, or environment etc.
    (e.g. recycling campaigns / services; facilities / services for the disabled / elderly, environmentally friendly transportation systems, public safety services)

  • Experience
    Projects or activities designed to create positive experiences and impacts for individuals or society, through sensory, physical, and emotional engagement
    (e.g. visiting activities, ways of showcasing exhibits & traffic flow planning in exhibitions / museums / galleries, visitor-centred physical / virtual events (e.g. metaverse campaigns))