Q1. Who should participate?

Design's owner or client, the brand's owner, its designer or its design consultancy are eligible to submit the recent designs that launched in one or more Asian markets between 1 January two year previously and 31 May of the year the entry is submitted (i.e., 1 January 2018 - 31 May 2020 for 2020 submitted entry).  


Q2. What is the submission process?

Step one: Create a company account

  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Register a company account for login to system

    *Registered company account with completed entry submission in 2019 will be kept for submission in 2020.

Step two: Entry Submission

  • Add entry (ies)
  • Select payment method and process payment

Step three: Payment

  • Select entry (ies)
  • Select payment method and process payment

Step four: Arrange Materials by deadline*

  • Arrange the actual products / supporting materials to reach the Secretariat - Entry Collection Centre by the deadlines
    • Promotional Period: by 5pm on 12 June 2020 (HK Time, GMT+8)
    • Regular Period: by 5pm on 24 July 2020 (HK Time, GMT+8)
  • Pack design(s)/product(s) (except environmental design discipline) and supporting materials (optional) with entry number label, send to the Secretariat - Entry Collection Centre before deadline

*Entrants should be responsible for all the costs for the transportation or return of any design (s)/products, insurance, liability involved, etc.


Q3. What should I do if I created an account but didn't receive the activation email?

The system will send you a notification with activation link to your email box once your account is created. Since it is an auto-sent email, please check the junk mailbox if necessary.


Q4. How many entries can I submit?

There is no limitation on the number of entries for each company.


Q5. What if I do not know which categories shall I participate?

Please choose the most appropriate category amongst 23 design categories. The organiser reserves the right to rearrange the category of the entry.


Q6. What language to be used in the online submission system?

The official language of the Awards is English. The DFA Design for Asia Awards respects all culture and language. However, as an International Premium Award in the region, International experts from different countries and regions will be invited to be the DFA Design for Asia Awards Judging Panel. To facilitate the judging session, we require entrants to provide information in English on the entry form, while supporting materials (optional) in original language is allowed. All the information will be reference to the online submission system, please aware of the upper/ lower case or space of the entry/ entrant name wherever appropriate.


Q7. What is the fee per entry?

Promotional Period:  1 April - 31 May 2020 (Hong Kong time): HK$1,000

Regular Period: 1 June – 17 July 2020, 5pm (Hong Kong time): HK$ 2,000

For winning entry, a mandatory Publication and Promotion Fee will be applied.


Q8. What kind of payment methods are available? Any extra charge?

Entrants could pay online by PayPal, credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express), Apple Pay, China Unionpay, WeChat Pay and Alipay. For Hong Kong Entrants, payment could also be settled by cheque, FPS, PayMe and PPS.

An extra service fee will be applied to some payment methods:

PayPal: 3.1% / Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, China Unionpay, WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, FPS & PayMe: 2.9% of Entry Fee/ Publication & Promotion Fee + HK$5 per Entry

Bank T/T: HK$300 per transaction (which can carry one or more entries)


Q9. Do I have to submit an actual design?

Entrants have to submit the actual product and other relevant information to the DFA Design for Asia Awards Secretariat – Entry Collection Centre (Flat 1507, 15/F., Ho Lik Center, 64-66. Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong) from 1 Apil to 12 June 2020 (Friday) (for Promotional Period (April & May) entries) or 24 July 2020 (Friday) (for Regular Period (June & July) entries). For details, please refer to the "Checklist for Materials Arrangement (Stage 5 of online submission)".

Entrants should responsible for all the costs for the transportation or return of any design(s)/ product(s), insurance, liability involved, etc.Entrants should responsible for all the costs for the transportation or return of any design(s)/ product(s), insurance, liability involved, etc.


Q10. How do I know if my actual product has reached the Secretariat office?

The Secretariat will send you a confirmation email within 2 weeks after receiving the actual product.


Q11. What kind of images should I upload?

Each entry is required to upload minimum 6 images and up to 10 images. For environmental design entries, recommended to upload the maximum number of images (ten) to the online submission to facilitate the judging.

Image Requirement:

  • Format: JPEG or PNG (RGB color mode) only
  • Resolution: One of the sides should be at least 2400 pixels
  • Max. Size: 5 MB each


  • No rendering images
  • No entrant / designer(s) / company name / logo on the images

Q12. Can I amend the submitted information/image?

You can amend the online submission information on or before the submission deadline, i.e. 17 July 2020 (5pm)


Q13. What will happen if one of the judges is involved in the submitted entry?

Members of the DFA Design for Asia Awards Judging Panel will declare interest if they are involved in any of the participating entry.


Q14. When will the results be announced?

Both winners and non-winners will be notified in September 2020 . Public announcement will be made by mid-November 2020.


Q15. Can I get back my entry if not winning an award?

Yes, in step 5 of the online submission, please tick "YES" for ITEMS RETURN (note: posters, CD-Roms, perishables and beverage items are not returnable).The Secretariat will contact the non-winning entrants for entry return. If the secretariat does not hear the return arrangement from the non-winning entrants, such entry may subject to disposal. For the winning entrants, their entries will be kept for at least 1 year for exhibitions, etc.

The Entrant should be responsible for all the costs for the transportation or return of any design(s)/ product(s), insurance, liability involved, etc.


For Winners:

Q16. What will be the arrangement of the winning entries?

All winning entries will be kept for showcase in DFA Design for Asia Awards travelling exhibition(s) for a minimum of one year. The Entrant should responsible for all the costs for the transportation or return of any design(s)/ product(s), insurance, liability involved, etc. after the exhibition.


Q17. Is there any fee applied to winning entries?

Other than the entry fee, a Publication and Promotion Fee is applied for the winning entry:   

Publication and Promotion Fee 2020 (mandatory for winning entry)
Grand Award, Grand Award for Culture / Sustainability /Technology : HK$6,000
Grand Award with Special Mention: HK$5,000
Gold Award: HK$5,000
Silver Award: HK$4,000
Bronze Award: HK$4,000
Merit Award: HK$3,000

Q18. What are the benefits of a winner?

DFA Design for Asia Awards is a significant event for the international design community. Winners will have the privileges of the following:

One trophy (except Merit Award)

One certificate

Authorized to use the DFA Design for Asia Awards endorsement mark for promotion

Featured in DFA Awards publication with one complimentary copy

Showcased in the DFA Awards Exhibition

Opportunity to be invited as a speaker of Business of Design Week (BODW) or other design forum