Judging Panel
Ambrish ARORA
Founding Principal
Studio Lotus

Ambrish Arora is Founding Principal at Studio Lotus, a multidisciplinary Aga Khan Award-nominated practice that aims to craft spaces addressing the emerging future of work, leisure, and living.

The practice’s work is rooted in Conscious Design—an approach that celebrates local resources, cultural influences, keen attention to detail, and an inclusive process that seeks to bring out the best in every stakeholder.

Ambrish’s role is largely studio-focused, leading design processes that direct the trajectory of projects. He is deeply involved with assessing benchmarks of innovation and sustainability for the studio’s ongoing work—including aspects related to thermal comfort, and localization of material and process.

Ambrish has persistently campaigned for the amalgamation of vernacular wisdom with modern building practices; for frugal and passive means of construction—often achieved through integration of artisanal skillsets—as a means to achieve cultural, social as well as environmental sustainability.

A custodian of the guiding values that have served as a cornerstone for the practice since its inception, he is personally involved in leadership development for the studio’s teams.

Aside from being an amateur triathlete and meditator, Ambrish is a mentor to many creative businesses and believes in embedding self-awareness as the bedrock of organizational and team development.