Awards & Categories
There are NINE awards:

Category Awards
Gold Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Merit Award


Grand Awards
Grand Award
Grand Award for Culture
Grand Award for Sustainability
Grand Award for Technology
Grand Award with Special Mention


Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit

The best works from each of the 4 design disciplines will be awarded a Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Awards selected by panels of design experts from around the world.

Gold Award winners of the Category Award and outstanding design projects by nomination will be selected as the candidates of Grand Awards. Awards will be conferred to candidates with design excellence: 

Grand Award
Grand Award for Culture
Grand Award for Sustainability
Grand Award for Technology
Grand Award with Special Mention

26 Categories Under 4 Design Disciplines

The judges will confer Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Awards to the winners in each of the following 4 design disciplines which includes 26 design categories:


  • Men’s Apparel
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Children’s Apparel
  • Functional Apparel 
    e.g. Safety clothing & personal protective equipment design, clothing for special needs (for elderly, disabled, infant), uniform & occasion apparel, etc.
  • Fashion Accessories
    e.g. Bags, jewellery, eyewear, watch, etc. 
  • Footwear
  • Textiles & Sundries
    e.g. Yarn, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, printed fabrics, buttons, lace, zippers, etc.

  • Identity & Branding
    e.g. Corporate design & identity, brand design & identity, annual report, advertising campaigns, etc.
  • New Media
    e.g. Corporate websites, public service websites, community / networking websites, E-zine / E-papers, online shops & e-commerce, microsites, web TV, digital advertising, online / offline applications, web and PC applications, moving images (animation, video, motion graphic, etc.), social media platform, etc.
  • Packaging
    e.g. Packaging of beverages, food, beauty, health, household, leisure, lifestyle, consumer electronics, etc.
  • Publications
    e.g. Books, magazines, annual reports and other publications, etc.
  • Posters
  • Typography
  • Marketing Campaigns
    e.g. holistic plan like online, above and below the line, TVC, promotional items like invitation cards, DM etc.

  • Home & Residential Spaces
  • Hospitality & Leisure Spaces
    e.g. Recreational & public spaces (hotels, guesthouses, spas and wellness areas, restaurants, cafés, bistros, bars, lounges, casinos, staff canteens, etc.), etc.
  • Culture, Public and Exhibition Spaces
    e.g. Infrastructural projects, regional planning or urban design, revitalization or restoration projects, etc.
  • Retail and Showroom Spaces
  • Workspaces
    e.g. Office, industrial (industrial properties, warehouses, garages, distribution centers, etc.), etc.
  • Green and Sustainable Spaces
    e.g. Parks, community gardens, etc.
  • Event and Stage Design

  • Household Appliances 
    e.g. Appliances for living room / bedroom, Kitchen / dinning, Bathrooms / spas, Electronic products, etc.
  • Homewares
    e.g. Tableware and decoration, Lighting, furniture, home textiles, etc.
  • Professional & Commercial Products
    e.g. Vehicles(land, water, aerospace), medicine / health care, special vehicles / constructions, agriculture, electronic devices, etc.
  • Information & Communications Technology Products
    e.g. Computers and information technology, computer accessories, communication devices, camera & camcorder, audio & visual products, smart devices, etc.
  • Leisure & Entertainment Products
    e.g. Entertainment technology devices, gifts & crafts, outdoor, leisure & sports, games & hobby product design, etc.